Compare and contrast Dickinson's "The Soul selects her own Society" and Robert Frost's "Desert Places."

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You have been asked to compare (think about how these poems are similar) and contrast (think about how these poems are different) in this question. As with any analytical essay about poetry, the best place to start is with an assessment of theme, mood, and style. If we look at here for each poem, we can best assess where to begin with our compare/contrast analysis.


This is where the two poems most resemble each other. The theme of both poems, on the face of it, is isolation. However, the two poets take completely different attitudes to being alone. While Dickinson speaks of the "Soul" choosing "her own Society"--that is, closing "the Door" to all those to whom she does not want to give her "attention"--Frost's speaker is assaulted by a loneliness which...

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