Compare and contrast the Costello brothers' relationship and the Fisher brothers' relationship.   

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There are a few similarities in the relationship between the Costello brothers and the Fisher brothers in Edward Bloor's novel Tangerine. There are many more differences.

The first similarities are between the older brothers. Both Mike Costello and Erik Fisher are the oldest in their family. Both are football players. Mike Costello holds the ball for Erik, who is the team's placekicker. There are parallel similarities in the younger brothers. Both of them play soccer.

The two sets of brothers have completely different relationships with their siblings. One of the first things that Joey, Mike's younger brother, does when Mike is killed by lightning is to take Mike's shoes off. This is an act of kindness that he explains to Paul in part 2 of the novel:

Joey let the sorrow pump out of him now, like blood from an artery. "But—but I saw Mike lying there. Maybe I even knew he was dead. I don't know. I had to do something for him, somehow. Mike always felt better when he got his shoes off. That's...

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