Compare and contrast the cognitive interviewing and structural interviewing techniques.

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Cognitive interviewing is a type of interview conducted by investigators and police to gain information about the crime scene from eyewitnesses and victims of the crime. The primary focus of this interview is to ensure that the eyewitnesses and victims remember all they can about the event. This type of interview also help in the minimization of misinterpretation of events that can often occur. It also helps enhance the memory of the witnesses and victims without gaining inaccurate account of information or lies. 

A structured interview has a set of questions that each person is asked. The questions are not deviated from and every person is given the same type of questions and same number of questions. They are also evaluated on a common rating scale whereas in an unstructured interview, candidates are rated using a standardized scale. Structured interviews are used when evaluating who would be best for a specific job. 

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