Compare and contrast CHROMATIN and CHROMOSOMES

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Chromatin forms a chromosome.

Chromosomes are small units which contain the genetic information that makes up who we are. 

Both chromosomes and chromatin are found in the nucleus of a cell.

"In humans, chromosomes are structurally made of roughly equal amounts of proteins and DNA."

Chromatin is unpaired, whereas a chromosome is paired.

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The chromosomes represent the structure of DNA. The number of chromosomes found in the nuclei of an organism differs from the number of chromosomes found in the nuclei of another organism. This number of chromosomes represents a distinct trait of a species.

The DNA is wrapped around histones and the complex structure that consists from DNA, histones and non-histones proteins is called chromatin.

The chromosomes contains 1/3 DNA and the rest of 2/3 is formed from histones and non-histones proteins. There exists two types of chromatin called euchromatin and heterochromatin.

The genetic information contained in chromatin is transmitted to each of the two new cell resulted after the process of cell division.

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