Compare and contrast the charaters of the two pairs of brothers in the play- As You Like It

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in the play of as you like it,Shakespeare has shown us the two modes of differentiation of jealousy and love between the two pairs of brother i;e duke senior,duke fredrick and oliver and orlando.first of all duke fredrick and duke senior both of them where brother d.s had the whole power but knowing about all the conspiracies of his brother he left his all thing for duke fredrick by his own will and went to the forest of arden whreas on the other hand orlano deprived of his birth rights by his brother(oliver),after torturing for many years fight against him to have his devalued birth rights.the main contrast lies in the fact that duke senior,duke fredrick did never fight ds only left his properties for him but orlando doesnt let his brother do any more unfairness with him and hence he fights for his rights.

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