Compare and contrast the characters of Walter and Beneatha in A Raisin in the Sun.

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Walter and Beneatha Younger are both ambitious dreamers throughout the play and have different ideas of how to spend their mother's insurance money. Both siblings are unique, charismatic, and capricious. Walter experiences highs and lows throughout the play, while Beneatha continually switches her hobbies and cannot determine which boy she wants to date. Both siblings have high aspirations and wish to become successful individuals. Walter believes that he can solve the family's financial problems by investing Lena's money into a liquor business, while Beneatha challenges society's expectations in hopes of becoming a doctor. Walter and Beneatha are both relatively selfish individuals, who dismiss Lena's goals of moving the family out of their tiny apartment in favor of their personal dreams.

Despite their many similarities, Walter and Beneatha have different personalities and abilities. Walter is a controlling, ignorant man, who values traditional roles for women. In contrast, Beneatha is an...

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