Compare and contrast the characters T.J. and Jeremy in Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Mildred Taylor's Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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Jeremy Simms is blond with blue eyes. He walks with the Logan kids to and from the crossroads every day, even though he's apparently punished for spending time with them. He's kind and shy; he takes up for Cassie in front of Lillian Jean and his father. He likes the Logan family even though the rest of his family is prejudiced and racist. Even Stacey thinks he might be a better friend than T.J. to him.

T.J. Avery is 14. He's reckless and can be cruel. He's confident and willing to spend time with other cruel people like the Simms brothers, commit crimes, and create havoc. He's more daring than Jeremy. He's louder and more opinionated. Unlike Jeremy, T.J. doesn't like people of the opposite race. For example, he tells Stacey that he wouldn't keep a whistle that a white boy blew on. However, this is likely the result of the prejudice against T.J. because of his skin color. T.J. takes...

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