Compare and contrast the characters of Herman Boone and Bill Yoast in the film Remember the Titans.   

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Coach Yoast and Coach Boone have more in common than their shared love of whistles and sweatpants. They're both high school football coaches who care about the young men on their team and slowly grow to trust each other, too, but they're also both skilled at adaptation.

When Boone takes the head coaching job at T. C. Williams High School, he's thrust into an environment that's brand-new to him and well-established to everybody else. It's sink or swim from the minute he first walks into the gym and introduces himself. Williams's football program and its players have a shared past; the game is a way of life in Alexandria. Yoast knows that history well, and his willingness to stay on as an assistant coach when Boone gets the top spot instead of him shows his ability to stay open-minded and roll with the punches, too.

As coaches, Yoast and Boone function as sort of a "good cop, bad cop" duo. Yoast is the good cop; he's flexible and mild-mannered. That history he has with the players as...

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