Compare and contrast the characters of The Underdogs by focusing on the dialogues and viewpoints expressed; for example, Demetrio Macias' conversations with Cervantes, Venancio, Valderrama, Pintada, Luis Solis, etc.  Focus on the various “actors” created by Azuela as he related their experiences in the most violent years of the Mexican Revolution.

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The play Los de Abajo or The Underdogs uses direct and indirect characterization to illustrate the typical male roles of Mejicanos, that is, the Mexican natives, during the revolution UNDER THE VIEWPOINT that Azuela was against war and, therefore, his characters will eventually question these very roles and, as a result, some will even cease to be altogether. 

The Alpha male, or "el jefe" of this group of renegades is Demetrio Masías. A dynamic character, Masías represents Azuela's own point of view: many men join the war, or the revolution, without a clear viewpoint and, after they have killed seen others get killed, and much worse, they finally have to come to the realization that they were nothing but sheep. In Demetrio's case, he undergoes the haphazards of the revolution because he turns on his cacique (town's leader), and thus needs  to watch out for his life and that of his followers. He is followed to revolt by his compadre, Montañés, and la Codorniz "the Quail",...

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