Compare and contrast the characters of Napoleon and Snowball in Animal Farm.

Napoleon and Snowball in Animal Farm are alike in having greater intelligence than the other animal species on the farm, in vying for leadership roles, and in believing the pigs deserve extra privileges. However, Snowball is far more intelligent and hardworking than Napoleon, believes to some extent in the principles of Animalism, and is courageous. Napoleon is a strutting, narcissistic bully and coward who is only concerned about ruthlessly amassing personal power and indulging his appetites.

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Because they are pigs, Snowball and Napoleon are alike in being more intelligent than the other animal species on the farm. They both are interested in leadership of Animal Farm, and both are united in thinking that the pigs, because of their brain work, deserve extra benefits that the other animals don't get to share in, such as the windfall apples.

Snowball, however, is much more intelligent and hardworking than Napoleon and more of proactive leader early on. For example, Snowball expects Farmer Jones and his men to attack and try to retake the farm, so he studies Julius Caesar's writings on military strategy to be prepared.

Snowball also differs from Napoleon in being more dedicated to the principals of Animalism, if not entirely so. He forms many committees, for instance, in order to get all the animals involved in running the farm. He wants to build the windmill, which Napoleon initially opposes, in part to fulfill the dream of making life easier for all the animals.

Snowball is also...

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