Compare and Contrast a Catholic Mass to a Baptist Service.

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The Baptist Church and the Catholic Church are at polar ends since the Baptist church in the United States is an off-shoot of the early Puritan churches, the religion that was a complete break from Catholicism.  With the intent to "purify" their church, the Puritans did away with the hierarchy of the Catholic Church which allowed political and religious power; it stripped its churches of stained glass windows, statues, almost all decoration and pagentry.  In the Baptist Church there is a lateralism rather than a hierarchy.  The congregation selects a minister, and the congregation can fire the minister in contrast to the Roman Catholic priests who are appointed.

The Mass of the Catholic Church is celebrated by only an ordained priest who has a thorough education in theology. The Mass is celebrated each and every Sunday in a certain manner without variation except for high masses which contain more ceremony and pagentry. The greatest difference with this form of worship is in the...

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