Compare and contrast Caesar and Brutus in Julius Caesar.

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Caesar is a man of action, while Brutus is an intellectual. Caesar is an extrovert. We never see him when he is not with someone else, and often he is surrounded by people, as he is at the time of his assassination. On the other hand, Brutus is often alone. He is an introvert. Even his wife Portia complains that he does not spend much time with her and refuses to confide in her. Caesar is ambitious. Brutus is not ambitious. Brutus seems happiest when he is able to read a book in private or just to meditate. Caesar likes Brutus, probably because Brutus is so different that their personalities complement each other's. Caesar also knows he can trust Brutus because of Brutus' noble character, and they are on the same level intellectually. Both men are superior to the men around them, and they both know it. This makes both of them seem egotistical, although both are smart enough to be courteous to everyone they deal with. Both men are highly respected for their strong characters. Brutus,...

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