Compare and contrast Brutus and Caesar.

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Caesar, the title character of William Shakespeare's play "Julius Caesar," and Brutus are both incredibly rich, expertly drawn characters for a play that has everything for everyone.

Caesar is portrayed as a physically weak but shrewd politician. Caesar refuses to be crowned emperor three times to demonstrate that he is unambitious, but in his position, he didn't feel he had to accept a crown as he was already "the man in charge."

Caesar is also physically weaker. He suffers from seizures and during the swimming match with Cassius, he cries,"Help me, Cassius or I sink" (i.2.12). When his wife tries to persuade him not to go the senate because of her premonition, Caesar wavering between magic and his own ego, decides to go anyway.

Brutus is motivated by his love of country, rather than self. He does not act out of selfish reasons but believes his actions will make Rome stronger. Both men are loved by the citizenry.

Caesar is then assassinated, and later Brutus commits suicide. A fitting end for both characters as they put their trust in the wrong people. Brutus puts his trust in Cassius, and ends up ruined, Caesar puts his trust in himself and doesn't realize people will rise against him.

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