Compare and contrast Brechtian and Aristotelian theatre.

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Answering this question is going to have a lot to do with whether this essay is for a playwriting seminar or an acting class. Here are a few differences that could work for both:

Brechtian theater is also known as epic theater. Brecht wanted it to always be clear that each production was not an attempt to accurately depict life, but an exaggeration of it meant to make the audience think. This is why he devoted little time to the set or costumes and required that everything on stage serve a purpose in the play. His actors broke the fourth wall by engaging with the audience out of character and encouraging the audience to think critically.

Aristotelian theater is what most people think of when they think of watching a play. Aristotle wanted the audience to get swept up in the story and be transported to a different place and time and feel the emotions of the characters as if they were their own. Where Brecht was minimal, Aristotle was wedded to details and accuracy to prevent the audience...

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