Compare and contrast the systems of Urras and Anarres with regard to work, education, gender, property, and money. Which one is better?

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Which planet seems better to you? Where would you want to live? This is up to the individual reader to decide. Through the eyes of Shevek, we are introduced to both planets, their struggles and their beauties. Because Shevek grew up on Anarres, and we get an insider's view of that planet, our own loyalties as readers may end up skewing in that same direction. We come to Urras as outsiders, just as Shevek does: we get wowed, then disillusioned, then frightened, along with him.


  • Annares: Shevek's home planet is an anarchist society. There is no central government, but there is an organization called the PDC (Production and Distribution Coordination) which is a system that delegates manual labor and work assignments to all the Odonians who are able to work. Individuals request certain assignments if they have preferences. Manual labor assignments are often short-term or seasonal. No one gets paid for their labor, because there is no system of money in Odonian society. Everyone has...

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