Sonnet 29 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Compare and contrast Shakespeare's Sonnet 29 and Sonnet 73?

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These two sonnets are two of handful of Shakespeare's most famous sonnets.  Both sonnets have a negative and bitter tone to them and suggest that the speaker is unhappy with some aspect of his life, and both sonnets emphatically state that love or friendship are the cure for such a state.  Sonnet 29 's opening octave is a laundry list of everything that is making him unhappy.  He opens with the idea that he is "disgrace with fortune (fate) and men'seyes" so that means both heaven and earth causing him trouble.  He is "outcast" and can't even be sure he prayers are being heard, assuming that he is praying to a "deaf heaven."  He goes on to list the specific things that upset him --he is...

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