The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Edward Connell

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compare and contrast between general zaroff and rainsford?answer should be in pointwise.

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Rainsford and Zaroff can arguably be considered parallel characters in that both are hunters, both are intelligent, strategic in their hunt, and well-versed in hunting. These points are made evident in that rains ford strategically creates complicated hunting traps, thus injuring Zaroff and even killing his dog and his servant Ivan, as well as evident in Zaroff in that he...

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General Zaroff and Rainsford are both very devious and intelligent. Rainsford is a ruthless character and very uncaring but yet thinks hes sophisticated. Ranisford is a very caring and witty character.

For the drawing of ship wreck island, pretty much draw an oval but have it have like a cresant shape cut out of the side where Rainsford swims across to the place where Zaroff's house is kept.

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