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Compare and contrast Beowulf's speech with Sir Gawain's speech.

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The thing to focus on for any kind of literature is the complete idea.  Read the entire line of poetry from the first word to the end punctuation in order to get the entire gist.  Reading that way will help you understand the's just the syntax (the way the words are put together in the sentence) that's confusing you.

Now, Beowulf and Sir Gawain don't really give too many speeches.  However, they are both heros of the people, and they have both completed larger-than-life accomplishments.  Beowulf's speeches are full of boasts since he is an Anglo-Saxon creation and believes that...

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I am assuming that you are comparing and contrasting Beowulf's speech prior to his battle with Grendel to Sir Gawain's speech before he steps up to the challenge the Green Knight extends to King Arthur's court. Both heroes request of a king the privilege to accept the challenge at hand - either ridding Herot of Grendel or participating in the Green Knight's game. In their respective speeches, each of these heroes presents or describes himself explicitly in the speech, offering you one point of contrast. What does Beowulf tell King Hrothgar about his past? How does Sir Gawain justify why he should be the knight who accepts the challenge from the Green Knight? Also, consider what motivates each of these heroes to request his respective challenge. Are they trying to prove themselves? What are their attitudes towards duty and responsibility? For what reason are they willing to face death? Finally, consider the effect each of the speeches have on their intended audiences.  

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