Compare and contrast the beliefs of radicals and conservatives with respect to the formation of the new government.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since you have tagged this with "Articles of Confederation," I assume that you are talking about the creation of the US.  I also assume that you are talking about the move from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution.  There was very little conflict over the creation of the Articles, which were immediately adopted by all states but Maryland.

In the debate over the Constitution, the radicals are generally called Antifederalists while the conservatives are called Federalists.  The radicals were radical in the sense that they did not trust a central government and because they wanted as much democracy as possible.  This was an unusual attitude at a time when democracy had never really been used as the basis for the formation of an entire nation.  The Federalists, by contrast, wanted a strong central government that would reduce the amount of democracy.  It would prevent the people from having too much of a say in government.  This vision won out in the creation of the Constitution, but the more radical version won out over time.