In 1984 compare and contrast the attitudes of Winston Smith and Julia towards the party.

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Winston observes that Julia hates the Party, but "except where it touched upon her own life," had no interest in its doctrines, ideology, and methods. The Party stands in the way of living a full life, and so Julia tries to get away with as much as she can under its control. On the other hand, she is very astute in her recognition of the way the Party uses sexual repression to control people. She does not really care whether Party orthodoxies are true or not, she just disobeys the Party. She claims that "it's all rubbish anyway," and sees no point in getting hung up on the finer points of critiquing the Party. Winston describes her half-teasingly as a "rebel from the waist downwards," though they both recognize that hers is a very significant form of rebellion in itself.

Winston, on the other hand, is consumed by thinking about the way the Party controls people. He thinks much about the photo and story about Jones, Aaronson, and Rutherford and how he realized in editing it that the Party...

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