Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

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Compare and contrast the relationship of Beatrice-Benedick to that of Claudio-Hero of Much Ado About Nothing.      

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I have simplified the wording of your question.  Comparing and contrasting characters and their relationships is a common essay assignment.  So that you might, with some suggestion from me, create your own comparisons between these couples, I have pasted a link at the bottom of this answer to the Enotes page on this topic.  You'll find the suggestions given here for creating a "Comparison/Contrast Essay" very helpful.

All character (and character relationship) analysis is subjective, which means that it is based upon a personal opinion that is supported with evidence of specific examples from the text.  I'll provide some suggestions for you of ways that these two couples are similar and different, then you can create your own comparison.  Be sure...

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