Compare and contrast the attitudes of Daru and Balducci toward the prisoner and the situation in "The Guest".

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The old Coriscan Balducci is an officer of the law who follows orders; the realm in which he lives is outlined clearly for him. In contrast, Daru, who is French but has been born in Algeria, lives in an inscrutable realm, without clear outlines of what his behavior should be and what may happen to him. Despite their differences, however, the two men are friends.

After Balducci rides up with an Arabic man whose hands are bound to a rope behind the gendarme's horse, he turns his prisoner over to the schoolmaster. He gives Daru the order to turn the prisoner over to the authorities in Tinguit. But, Daru refuses to turn the man over.

"It's an order, son, and I repeat it."
"That's right. Repeat to them what I've said to you:  I won't hand him over."
. . . "No, I won't tell them anything. If you want to drop us, go ahead; I'll not denounce you. I have an order to deliver the prisoner and I'm doing so. And now you'll just sign this paper for me."
"There's no need. I'll not deny that you left...

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