Compare and contrast Atticus's and aunt alexandra's methods of parenting? Who's do you think is a better way to raise children? why?

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cldbentley eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Atticus Finch teaches his children, Scout and Jem, with kindness and consideration; he sets an example for them in everything he does and does not belittle or underestimate them.  When Atticus tries to teach the children a lesson, he is sure to provide an example or an insight that will cause the children to truly appreciate and connect with the concept being taught, which often has to do with morals and character.  Atticus is clearly not hypocritical; he lives by the same standards he expects from his children.  In addition, he values those things that are truly important, not trivial or inconsequential matters, such as social standing and material possessions.

Aunt Alexandra seems to parent without attempting to relate to the children.  She is more concerned with others' perceptions of her than with moral and ethical integrity.  She dictates, rather than instructing.

I definitely feel that Atticus has a better parenting style than Aunt Alexandra.  His children know that he loves them and they respect him for being the person he is.  Atticus is ensuring that his children become caring, sensitive, productive results who will look out for the best interest of others.

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