How are the Analects and the Bhagavad Gita related according to their intentions and thoughts?

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Both the Analects and the Bhagavadgita focus on ethical behavior.

Confucius did not focus on a higher being, but he did propose that each person should be his best self.  The Bhagavadgita suggests that ethical behavior comes from proper spiritual development.

Confucius proposed that society benefited most from ethically behaving individuals.

He believed that individuals could begin to cultivate an all-encompassing sense of virtue through ren, (Wikipedia)

The Bhagavadgita also proposes that a person must be spiritual to be ethical.  A strong spiritual being is the key ethical behavior.

O Arjuna, one who in this world does not apply the procedures prescribed and established by the Vedic scriptures; that person living in sin wastes their human life captivated by sense gratification. (

Each text has ideas about living ethically, and each proposes spiritual development as a method of maintaining ethical behavior.  The Bhagavadgita seems to rely more on spiritual procedures to get there.