What are the disadvantages of the different types of educational systems?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Each kind of educational system has its disadvantages.  Let us look at the disadvantages of four kinds of schooling.  These are traditional public schools, private schools, home schooling, and online schools.

There are generally said to be two major problems with public schools.  First, many public schools are not of the best academic quality.  Any school that must take all comers, regardless of educational or socioeconomic background, will have problems providing an elite education.  Second, many parents feel that public schools lack the ability to teach moral values.  Parents feel that they are too permissive in terms of the behaviors they allow.  Relatedly, these schools will teach secular ideas, not religious ones, on such things as evolution.

Therefore, many parents want to send children to private schools.  The major problem with these schools is that they are expensive.  High end private schools cost a tremendous amount of money.  Lower-end schools might not be able to pay high salaries to teachers and might not have elite education any more than public schools do.

Some parents turn to home schooling.  Here, there are two main problems.  First, the children lose the chance to socialize with a diverse group of their peers.  Second, it is not easy to have a parent teaching children.  The parent may not have a good enough background in all academic areas.  There are also familial tensions that can arise from having a parent also be the teacher.

Finally, there are online schools, particularly at the high school level.  The main problem here is that such schools will be very hard for students who are not strongly motivated and who do not have excellent reading skills.  Students are not forced to do work at a given time and must care enough to make the time.  They must get most of their instruction through written materials.

Thus, each system has its own problems.