Discuss the paralells between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Kony.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are some interesting parallels between both Hitler and Kony.  One significant difference between them is that Kony's rise to power is fundamentally alternate than Hitler.  Kony's rise to power happened on a spiritual realm, a claim to be a "healer" with a base that believed him to possess supernatural powers that arose from Alice Lakwena, a spirit-medium.  Hitler was strictly political from the very start of his ascension to power.  He never really appealed as a primary basis on a spiritual level.  Interesting to note, that this is where a similarity emerged.  Hitler and Kony both ensured that their following would stay with them through intimidation and fear.  Both men were able to use the politics of intimidation to their advantage in ensuring that few would ever prosper, or even live, if they broke ranks. Hitler emerged as a powerful figure on the largest of national scales, while Kony was more of a localized power as a war- lord.  The final point I would suggest would be to examine their use of children.  Both found a willing contingent in ensuring that children's childhood were robbed as being subservient to each.  Hitler Youth and the children that bear rifles in Kony's name are examples of how both leaders did much to pervert childhood, as a symbol, for many children.

danikajadeee | Student

Things the same:
-They both wanted control.
-They have both killed people.
-They both formed their own army.

Things different:
-Hitler was German, Kony is African American, or black.
-Hitler had a "goal" in mind, Kony doesn't really know what he wants.
-Hitler was looked at as a good leader and man by many people, Joseph mostly has haters.

Did a teacher really give you that as a questiona? That's really odd, haha. She probably wouldn't have known who Kony was without all the drama the past couple days about him. Ayways, hope this helped. :)

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