Compare and contrast the three major religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

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Judaism, Christianity, and Islam share many basic similarities in their beliefs. All three are monotheistic religions, directing all their worship toward one God. Judaism developed first, as God chose the descendents of Abraham to become His Chosen People, the Israelites. Prophets such as Moses led the Israelites and taught them the rules God had laid out for them in order to meet His expectations, which are recorded in the Torah and other writings.

Christianity began as an offshoot of Judaism. Jesus was considered by some to be another Jewish prophet. Others believed He was miraculously brought back to life and raised to Heaven after His crucifixion, proving claims that He was the Son of God. Christianity separated from Judaism as followers placed emphasis upon following the teachings of Jesus, considering them to have eclipsed many of the ritualistic and regimented teachings of the Jewish faith. Christians base their faith on The Bible, containing Jewish writings in the Old Testament and the New Testament teachings of and about Jesus.

Islam is seen by its members as being the ultimate fulfillment of God's relationship with humanity. Islam recognizes Abraham, Moses, and Jesus as prophets, but considers Muhammad as the prophet to whom Allah (the Islamic faith's name for God) revealed his complete message. The basis of the Islamic faith is recorded in the Qur'an.

All three faiths recognize Jerusalem as a holy city in the history of their faith. All three emphasize care of the poor, living in peace with others, and acts demonstrating devotion and belief in the tenets of the particular faith. The three faiths differ in specific beliefs about topics such as the nature of the afterlife, the involvement of the Supreme Being with humanity in contemporary times, and the types of actions that are appropriate for demonstrating obedience and belief.

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