Compare the characters of Chris and Joe (education, moral views and values, idealism, etc.)

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is a generational gap between the two men. Joe is a simple man who worked his way to the top.  Chris, his son, has had an easier road to walk, he did not have to work his way to the top in order to become the owner of the factory.  His father paved the way for him, he is part owner of the factory just because he is Joe's son.

Joe's education has been minimal, he is the common man, with dirty hands, a laborer who rose in the ranks through hard work.  Chris is more refined and educated, more thoughtful, definitely idealistic while Joe is realistic.  Chris can afford to be idealistic in his view of life, because he doesn't have to worry about earning a living; he works in his father's company, his company.

Joe's morality and values were shaped by hard work and common sense.  He did make a mistake in judgement when he shipped the faulty airplane parts, but he made this decision based on a simple principle, survive, as in the case of the business and take care of his family, or fail and lose everything that he worked for; it was a difficult choice to make.

Joe is not an immoral man, he is a simple man who made an immoral mistake, in an effort to protect his family.  Chris has a broader view, considering humanity and the cause and effect relationship of decision-making, but even that is because of Joe.  Chris has an easier life because of Joe.    Joe's view is more narrow, while Chris's is broader. That is the big difference.

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