Compare the causes of the uprisings led by Pope in New Mexico and Metacom in New England. Which was more successful?

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saintfester eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Pueblo Revolt occured as a result of the repressive nature of Spanish rule in colonial New Mexico. The Spanish repressed the religious ceremonies of the Pueblo indians, used Mexican Indians to enforce their rule, forced the pueblos to work for them and spread diseases throughout the region. Many of the Pueblo's religious leaders, including the eventual leader of the result Po'pay, were tried for witchcraft and sold into slavery.

Metacom's Rebellion, also known as King Phillip's War, began in New England as a result of English settlers encoaching on the territory of Metacom's tribe. Many of the neighboring tribes were selling land to eager settlers, who arrived in increasing numbers throughout the 1600's. Metacom has long been suspicious of the English, especially after his brother's mysterious death. Many of his people were also getting sick from diseases which he knew were brought by the English. 

Of these two revolts, Popay was far more successful. Popay was able to unite most of the Pueblos, even those who had been traditional enemies in a way that Metacom was not able to. Popay also drove the Spanish from New Mexico for 12 years, while Metacom was only able to push the boundries of the English back temportarily before he was defeated.