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Compare Canada's and Germany's cultures and state what Hofstede Insights' findings show in terms of individualism and collectivism.

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In an individualist society, people are expected to look after themselves and their own families. In a collectivist society, people rely on groups to take care of them in exchange for loyalty.

Hofstede Insights ranks Canada as an 80, which classifies the country as an individualist culture. People are expected to therefore look after themselves and their own families. This expectation transfers to the business world, where people are expected to take initiative and be self-reliant, requiring little assistance.

There is diversity in religious preferences, but a majority (67%) of Canadians are Christian. Canadians value fairness and equality, which has driven policies such as the legalization of same-sex marriage and the abolition of capital punishment. There are two official languages in Canada—French and English—as well as a diverse array of other languages spoken in various regions. Canadians are considered to be polite and to expect guests to demonstrate these same values. Canada welcomes immigrants, but the cost of living is higher than in most of the rest of the world.

By comparison, Hofstede Insights ranks Germany as a 67 on the same scale, which also marks it as an individualist culture. Germans strongly believe in the concept of self-actualization, which is the ability to reach their true potential through their own efforts. Communication is direct and forthright, and loyalties are formed based on personal preferences as well as duties.

German culture is restrained, with tendencies toward pessimism. Leisure time is not a great priority, and Germans seek to control their sense of self-gratification. Indeed, Germans are known for their strong inclination toward punctuality. Germans value structure and the laws of society to a higher degree than many other cultures. They also are known for respecting the privacy of others and for being thrifty. Many aspects of German culture have influenced other societies, including traditional music and treats such as fine beer and tasty sausages. There is only one official language (German). The country is historically Christian but now has a large Muslim population as well. It has some of the world's most progressive views and policies regarding gender equality, immigration, and LGBTQ rights.

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