Compare the brainwashing techniques in Brave New World with the techniques used in modern television advertising. Please give examples.

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To me, the society uses two main ways of brainwashing.  First, they use hypnopaedia.  Second, they use slogans and catchphrases -- we hear people say things like "a gram is better than a damn."  Both of these have some parallels in our advertising.

Of course, TV ads do not play all night while we sleep.  But they do try to give us subliminal messages.  In the US, for example, beer ads typically have beautiful women, sending the subliminal message that you will be able to get women like that if you drink that kind of beer.

What TV ads really do is create slogans.  I did not watch that much TV as a kid (grew up without one in our house) but I can still remember songs and slogans from ads that played during my childhood.

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