Compare the book On The Road by Kerouac and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Baum. Both books talked about a journey.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Indeed, the journey element is present in both works.  In a way, Sal and Dean go on a journey to find "home" and Dorothy is on her journey to go back to "home."  Sal and Dean have much less direction than Dorothy.  Primarily, this is because they chose to go on their journey, whereas Dorothy was forced to go on hers.  I would also suggest that the ending each narrative features is vastly different.  The themes of self- sufficiency and the feeling of accomplishment are present at the end of Dorothy's journey, while Sal feels sadness about the ambiguous ending of Dean, something that he articulates to the nation, at a whole.  Despite these differences, there are some similarities.  Dorothy learns more of herself and her others on her quest, while Sal learns a great deal about himself and Dean Moriarity as a result of their quest.  Both voyages help to convince the protagonists that their vision of the world was narrow before seeing so much more.  Dorothy had no idea or conception of what lay outside of the farm before visiting Oz and Sal and Dean faintly understood what lies beyond them, but only through seeing a road that appeared infinite did they fully grasp the immensity of the world, something to which Sal alludes in the end with the vast amount of "tears" shed across the United States, from "sea to shining sea."