What are benefits and problems of creating power with wind power plants and nuclear power plants?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Wind power plants and nuclear power plants have their own pros and cons. Both wind power and nuclear power are clean sources of energy, as neither generates harmful gases (or gases of any kind). While wind power is a renewable energy option, nuclear power is an alternate form of energy; neither is based on fossil fuels. Both the options have significant future roles to play in minimizing our dependence on fossil fuels. The cost of the power generated by both options is comparable to the cost of fossil fuel based plants.

Wind power creates a lot of noise pollution, while nuclear power does not. Wind power is often also blamed for a large number of bird kills. Nuclear power plant accidents may result in nuclear fallout (the release of nuclear radiation) and a grave loss of lives. Wind power does not have any such risks. Wind power does not leave any residue, while nuclear power plants generate high and low level radioactive wastes that have to be disposed of. 

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