Compare Eveline to the girl in the Beatles' song "She's Leaving Home."

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linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What an interesting assignment!

A comparison between the girl in the song and Eveline depends on how you interpret the lyric "She's leaving home after living alone/ For so many years." Are we to take that to mean that she has been ignored and friendless? If so, then she is like Eveline, who has given her life to her family. When she finally sees the opportunity to live for herself, she decides to take it.

However, in the song, we have the parents' response (at least the mother's) to the girl's leaving home. The mother says that they have "sacrficed most of our lives" to give her "everything money can buy." We know that's nothing like Eveline, who had to use all of her wages to help feed the family.

At the end of the song, the girl is having fun: "Something inside that was always denied/ For so many years." Again, this line makes it appear that the girl is exactly like Eveline and that maybe the mother is not telling the truth.

In the song, however, the girl escapes her old life to live for herself and have fun. For whatever reason, Eveline is unable to leave her life and stands alone on the dock as the ship sails away.