Compare Baldwin's prose style to that of Martin Luther King Jr. in "Letter from Birmingham Jail." There are certain obvious similarities. What are they, and what are some differences?

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James Baldwin's Notes of a Native Son and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Letter from Birmingham Jail" are both comparable and disparate. Notes was published in 1955 and "Letter" was published in 1963.

During both years, the American civil rights movement was ongoing, and the prose styles of both pieces are informed by the personal experiences of the authors, as well as the movement happening in the foreground and background of their respective texts. Both authors are African American, and both were leaders of sorts in this movement. Baldwin was at the forefront of the Harlem Renaissance and American literature in general, and Dr. King is renowned for his leadership and tactics of nonviolence in his efforts to organize activists for peace and equality. This is one feature that both share—the influence the civil rights movement had upon their prose styles, both directly and indirectly. Baldwin speaks of the riots that occurred in various places in which he and/or his family were present,...

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