Compare Atticus Finch to his sister, Alexandra. Which character is portrayed as more heroic to Scout?

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Atticus Finch is a morally upright individual who believes in racial equality and justice. Atticus defends Tom Robinson in front of the prejudiced town of Maycomb, despite his sister's opposition. Alexandra is the quintessential Southern Belle, who favors traditional ideology, which includes the belief in racial segregation. Alexandra reveres her family background and even tries to convince her brother to teach the children about their heritage. Atticus finds Alexandra's obsession with heredity to be ridiculous and dismisses his failed attempt to talk to Jem and Scout about their family tree. Throughout the novel, Scout views Aunt Alexandra with contempt because of their conflicting personalities and interests. Alexandra is continually trying to convince Scout to wear dresses and play with dolls. Scout is a tomboy who prefers to wear overalls and play outside with Jem and Dill. Scout is most comfortable around her father, Atticus, and she looks up to him throughout the novel. Scout views Atticus as a heroic individual for his marksmanship abilities and his courage to defend Tom Robinson. Scout listens to her father's advice and is continually asking him questions about things that she hears and sees throughout Maycomb. Scout's admiration for her father contrasts with her contempt for Alexandra. Atticus is clearly depicted as being more heroic in his daughter's eyes throughout the novel.

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