Compare Anne’s relationship with her father with the kind of relationship she shared with her mother.

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Anne is emotionally close to her father, Otto. She's very much daddy's little girl, and the two get along famously. Anne loves her father dearly, and her love is fully reciprocated. When times are hard—as they often are in the crammed confines of the secret annex—Anne instinctively turns towards her father for comfort. It's instructive that when Anne wakes up from a terrible nightmare, she calls for Otto even though her mother is first to arrive.

That leads us on to Anne's somewhat fraught relationship with her mother. There's no disguising the fact that they just don't get on; and the claustrophobic life they're forced to endure doesn't make the situation any better. One of the problems is that Anne feels her mother is partial to Margot, her older sister. As far as Anne is concerned, Margot can do no wrong in her mother's eyes, which explains why Anne always seems to get the blame for everything. As time goes on, the mother–daughter relationship deteriorates further, until Anne is seized by the terrible realization that there's no more love between them.

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