Compare Animal Farm to Romeo and Juliet on the issue of problem solving.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One similarity between both works is that they show that characters are able to take action to solve problems.  The animals solve their fundamental problem of Jones' mismanagement of the farm.  Romeo and Juliet set out to solve the fundamental problem of their families preventing them from being together.  Both sets of characters do not assume passivity in solving the problem in front of them.  I think that from this, some divergence is present.  Both Romeo and Juliet seek to solve a problem that only exists between them.  This is a problem that applies to only themselves, as they do not seek to rectify the social or political system that keeps them apart.  Their problem is not a political one, but a personal one.  It is here where the animals on Animal Farm are different in that their problem is political.  Once the pigs grasp the meaning of Old Major's message and learn how to read and write, they solve their political problem by assuming the mantle of leadership.  It is here where there is difference between both sets of characters in that the nature of their problems are solved through individual action, though the type of problems are fundamentally different.