Compare and contrast three motivation theories. Provide one example of each.

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In business, motivated employees make both individuals and companies profitable and successful. Businesses include large groups of diverse individuals, and the study of motivation is important as companies look for insights into what pushes employees to work hard, especially when adversity arises, in order to accomplish goals.

There are two main categories of motivational theories: content theories and process theories. Content theories deal with “what motivates people” while process theories deal with “how motivation occurs.”

One of the content theories is McClelland’s Needs Theory , which categorizes an individual’s needs into three groups: power, affiliation, and achievement. Those driven by their need for power seek high-level positions in order to exercise control over an organization. Those driven by their need for affiliation desire acceptance and love from others. Others are driven by a need for achievement, and these people work relentlessly in order to accomplish...

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