Compare and contrast the ways in which the Spanish and the French explored and settled the New World.

The Spanish and French explored the New World to gain wealth and political dominance, but the Spanish were more interested in converting Native populations to Catholicism. They took domestic conversion policies to the New World and were much more aggressive in this goal than the French. The two countries also focused on different regions within the New World. The Spanish focused more on South and Central America and Mexico, while the French were more focused on North America.

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Both the Spanish and the French explored and settled the New World in search of new commodities and minerals to exploit in order to gain wealth for their home economies and to expand their territorial rules to obtain or retain political dominance. However, their approaches to the new territories differed. For instance, during a peak period in which exploration of foreign territories was a prime goal, the Spanish also launched the Inquisition in 1492. That same year, the Spanish monarchs Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand authorized the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus to set sail for the New World and explore on their behalf.

What was happening at home was ultimately taken to their conquered settlements, as the Spanish conquistadores sought to convert the Native populations to Catholicism in the New World just as they sought to convert their populations at home. They would frequently expell non-Catholics from their kingdom if they refused to convert.

The Spanish were much more...

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