Compare and contrast the themes, settings, point of view, characters, plots, and narratives of the movies Troy and 300

Troy presents the Trojan War chronologically. Its theme is that victory can be fickle and glory in war is a path to immortality. Troy also presents a modernized Achilles while leaving out the Greek gods. 300 is a retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae, highlighting the virtue of the Spartans, who willingly face down certain death. Like Troy, 300 rejects Hellenistic religion and promotes an ethic of democracy that the Spartans did not remotely embody.

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Troy is blockbuster film from 2004 that recounts the story of the Trojan War not as a flashback in an epic that starts in medias res but chronologically, beginning with the abduction of Helen from Sparta. Some of the themes from Homer's Iliad come through—for example, the idea that winning and losing in a war have little to do with the virtues of the victors or the vices of the conquerors. Menelaus, the abandoned husband, is revealed to be a boorish drunk, no match for the charming and handsome Paris. Agamemnon is revealed to be greedy and petty, almost ruining his chance to win the war by taking Briseis from Achilles. Agamemnon is shown also to be a machiavellian character who goes to war not to avenge his brother's honor but for simple gain.

No character on the Greek side seems to match the Trojans King Priam or Hector in terms of honor. Hector is a man with a code who chastises his brother for starting the war but fights for country when he has to. He kills Menelaus when Paris, defeated...

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