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Compare and contrast the reasons for Britain and Japan's industrialization.

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Britain underwent industrialization before any other country. There were many reasons for this, which included the following:

  • an abundance of natural resources, including coal fields and fast-moving rivers for infrastructure and water power.
  • a financial system that facilitated the accumulation and investment of capital.
  • large pools of labor due to the enclosure of common lands, which made small-scale agriculture less sustainable and produced food on a larger scale.
  • colonies around the world that served as suppliers of national resources and outlets for manufactured goods.

For these reasons, Britain was the world's leading industrial power by the mid-nineteenth century. Indeed, by the late nineteenth century, other nations had industrialized, including in Europe and the United States. It was out of a desire to retain economic, political, and cultural independence that Japanese leaders deliberately sought to industrialize. This was a major difference in the process of industrialization, as...

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I need an essay plan about Compare and contrast the reasons for Britain's and Japan's industrialisation.