The Jungle Book Questions and Answers
by Rudyard Kipling

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Compare and contrast the nature of the moral universe presented in The Governess and "Mowgli's Borthers," "Kaa's Hunting," and "Tiger! Tiger!".

Both books are concerned with education and moral progress. In The Governess, education is viewed as a slow progression towards greater virtue and enlightenment, with great emphasis on pupils taking responsibility for their actions. Although this view is also evident in The Jungle Book, the consequences of disobeying the Law of the Jungle are far more immediately serious, and could easily be fatal.

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The Governess and The Jungle Book (the first three stories of which are concerned with the early life of Mowgli) are both highly didactic works, and are both concerned with education. The Governess , which was first published in 1749, and is often regarded as the first novel to be written for children, is explicit in its mission to enlighten and instruct. It also inculcates in its readers the moral authority of the teacher, to whom the pupils appeal for adjudication on...

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