Compare and contrast the Mexican government with the United States' government.

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The similarities between the nations' governments are practically all surrounding how the government is run and how it was established. The nations are both democracies, established as federations surrounding a strong central government. They arose from Constitutions that were drafted in order to establish a need to hear the voice of the people.

Additionally, each nation is comprised of various states that hold their own, miniature versions of the federal government. Mexico has 31 states while America has 50; each of these states have significant power over internal governance, but the federal government ultimately takes precedence.

The differences come primarily in structure and some of the activities of the nations. For instance, both Presidents undergo elections to be voted in as leader; however, the American presidential race is decided by the Electoral College while the popular vote decides the winner in Mexico. The Mexican President then directly appoints his cabinet. In America,...

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