The French Revolution Questions and Answers

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Compare and contrast the French and Haitian revolutions: discuss the immediate and long-range causes and impacts of these events as well as any other relevant comparisons to other people, events, and so on.

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The French Revolution, which begin in 1789, and the Haitian Revolution, which first began in 1794, were products of the Enlightenment. In the eighteenth century, philosophers like John Locke began to question the role of the common man in government. To provide more context, the Scientific Revolution had begun in the seventeenth century in Europe, where scientists began to use rationality, observation, and logic to explain scientific, math, and engineering principles as opposed to accepting the Church's explanation for how the world works.

Famous scientists from this period were men like Isaac Newton. Another scientist, Rene Descartes, introduced the idea of skepticism —or the use of skepticism to question the status quo. Moreover, the scientific method (thanks to Francis Bacon) introduced the idea that one can find the truth using observation, logic, and reason. This bled over from math and science into government and politics: should men not also question their leader, the purpose of...

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