Compare and contrast the Abbasid and Umayyad empires using bullet points.  

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The Umayyads and Abbasids were both dynasties that dominated the Islamic World. Both held the title of Caliph.

The Umayyads emerged earlier than the Abbasids (having ruled from 661–750 CE), and they moved their capital to the city of Damascus. They borrowed heavily from the Byzantines in creating their governing and administrative structures. Even so, the Umayyads remained an Arab-dominated culture. They continued the Islamic expansions further west across North Africa and into Europe, as well as east into India. They were overthrown in 750 CE, when the Abbasids began to come into power.

The Abbasids moved their capital further east towards the city of Baghdad (in modern day Iraq). Their civilization would be shaped out of the fusion between Arabian and Persian influences. However, while the Abbasids enjoyed a greater degree of social and political stability than the Umayyads did (as well as experiencing the famous Golden Age of Islam), the Abbasids also marked the beginning of the...

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