Compare and contrast Sherrena and Tobin in Evicted.

Tobin and Sherrena are similar in that they are both landlords who exploit a housing shortage to rent poorly-maintained properties to desperate individuals. They are different in that their properties serve different racial communities, as Sherrena's tenants are primarily African American, while Tobin's tenants are white. Though both are ruthless about collecting rent, Tobin is a bit more lenient than Sherrena when it comes to evictions.

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Despite coming from different racial backgrounds—Sherrena is African-American and Tobin is white—they have both managed to find a way to make a lot of money out of the chronic housing crisis afflicting Milwaukee.

Sherrena makes a good living as a landlord renting out substandard properties in run-down neighborhoods populated almost exclusively by African-Americans. As demand for housing greatly exceeds supply, Sherrena enjoys a position of power over her tenants. She knows that she can rely on a steady stream of clients who are desperate for a roof over their...

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