Compare and contrast Okonkwo and his father in Things Fall Apart.

A similarity between Okonkwo and his father in Things Fall Apart is that both men are tall and largely fail as parents. Differences include that Okonkwo's father was lazy, poor, and cowardly while Okonkwo is successful, wealthy, and a great fighter.

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Unoka and his son Okonkwo appear to be polar opposites. Unoka was an ineffectual, dreamy man who achieved little. He loved music and drinking, was poor and lazy, took no titles, and died heavily in debt. His character was feckless and improvident, and his small family seldom had enough to eat. Most disgracefully, he was a coward with no aptitude or appetite for fighting.

Okonkwo has no patience with failure or idleness and consequently despises his father. Even while still young, he has achieved fame as a wrestler and as a great warrior in the inter-tribal conflicts. He is also a wealthy man with two barns full of yams and three wives. He has achieved all this by himself through hard work since his father left him nothing. He has taken two titles and is universally respected.

Okonkwo is so ashamed of his father that he even detests the positive or harmless aspects of his character, disdaining music because Unoka loved it. However, he may resemble his father more than he would like to...

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