Compare and contrast Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters in the drama Trifles.

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Both women, in the end by protecting Minnie Wright, demonstrate a weariness of male condescension and a "stick-together" mentality.  They are willing to keep information from their husbands if it means helping another woman.

Both also are very familiar with domestic tasks and the consequences of isolation from other females.


The two women are very different in their personalities.  Mrs. Hale is much more outspoken, and of the two, she is certainly the leader.  Mrs. Peters has to be nudged a little to go along with the plan to hide the evidence against Minnie Wright, and she comes across as nervous and meek.

Mrs. Hale is also not easily persuaded as Mrs. Peters is.  While Mrs. Peters first focuses on the horror of John Wrights' murder, Mrs. Hale is immediately willing to assume that he killed the bird and deserved whatever he got.