Life in the Thirteen Colonies

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Compare and contrast England’s Jamestown and Plymouth colonies: Who settled each colony? Why did they come to the New World? What was their relationship with the Native Americans, and why?

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Jamestown was settled primarily by single men who hoped to profit from the colony originally by searching for gold. The colony was chartered by the Virginia Company, and had a number of rough years. Their relationship with the Indians was good at first, in fact the Indians helped them survive during their first winter; taught them how to plant corn, and were generally helpful though not altogether friendly. The relationship soon went downhill as the colony grew and more land was needed to cultivate tobacco. The colonists tended to confiscate Indian lands and blamed any resistance on the Indians. At times their treatment of the Indians was brutal; in one instance a group of chiefs was invited to a peace conference, and offered wine to seal the deal. The wine was poisoned and the chiefs all died. In another...

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